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Personalized Wood Dog Bowl Stand

Personalized Wood Dog Bowl Stand

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The handmade high-quality heavy oak bowl stands for cats and small dogs, with a stainless steel bowl. Oak wood bowl stand can be personalized with your pet's name.
PLEASE INCLUDE all customization details in the notes when you check out!
On these holders are printed names. You can choose a printed or engraved name for the bowl stand.


Massive yet elegant oak piece with bowls seamlessly fitted in it. The design is inspired by the modern movement of functionality and an organic mindset. One side of the stand can be enhanced by the deep precision engraving of the name of your pet, making the stand even more impressive.


The size of the bowl stand is approximately 4''x 5''x 8''


Clean when needed with a soft cloth following the grain pattern, after removing the possible abrasive dust particles. Clean it periodically with a moist cloth. Dry immediately with soft cloth following wood grains. Remove stains using a mild mixture of water and detergent. The furniture should not be subjected to excessive humidity, heat, or direct sunlight.
If the wood looks dry or whitish apply any commercial wood oil, better transparent or white for oak. Also, apply oil to the metal parts for avoiding oxidation. when applied the wood will absorb the quantity needed, retire the excess oil with a dry cloth within some hours.

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