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Set of Oak Three-Legged Stools

Set of Oak Three-Legged Stools

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Seat Width
The attractive aged wood owns its original texture, with the finish of natural oil and wax. Three tapered legs are specially designed to hold massive weight. We use only natural oil and wax and colors resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk, and water.


Meda stools often are used line side tables. In Meda Workshop stools are without metal screws. We use joints and wooden dowels.
Inspired by mid-century designers the Three legged stool features the style legs with additional structures.These widely popular stools have been a staple point within modern and rustic interior design and homeware.


Overall height: 45 cm– 18"
Seat height: 45 cm– 18"
Seat dimension: 30 cm- 12" or 14"
Overall width of legs: 35 cm – 14"
Overall height: 30 cm- 12"
Seat height: 30 cm- 12"
Overall width: 30 cm- 12"


Clean when needed with a soft cloth following the grain pattern, after removing the possible abrasive dust particles. Clean it periodically with a moist cloth. Dry immediately with soft cloth following wood grains. Remove stains using a mild mixture of water and detergent. The furniture should not be subjected to excessive humidity, heat or direct sunlight.
If the wood looks dry or whitish apply any commercial wood oil, better transparent or natural white color oil for oak. When applied the wood will absorb the quantity needed, retire the excess oil with a dry cloth within some hours.

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